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Deck Staining Tucson

There is a reason you added a deck at your house; it could be for a place to relax or spend time with your family and friends, or it just simply adds beauty to your home. But over time, your deck will have discolorization or paint chipping off. That is inevitable because even though you have maintenance services regularly, that does not assure that it will be forever. Since your deck is exposed to the sunlight, its discoloration is the first thing that could happen to it. In this case, you might want to repaint your deck immediately to have its beauty back. Our experts at Deck Staining Tucson disagree with that! You should not apply paint directly.

Setting Up Your Expectations
Applying paint to your deck before staining it would not make your deck last longer under the sunlight. It will have discoloration sooner than you expected. And since you want the best for your house, get our professionals at Deck Staining Tucson as we will set your expectations so you would be familiar with the steps we are going to make.

Before anything else, we would be assessing your deck for the material and any damages. Not all decks are using the same type of material. Although they are most likely made of wood, there are different approaches to every kind so that the staining would be a success. It is not good to put a more potent staining agent on a wood that is weak against strong chemicals. Our professionals have studied and mastered various staining products that would match every material.


Once we get the material, we will continue inspecting the deck for any damages. And when we see one, even just a tiny chip, our experts at Deck Repair Tucson will take action. Our main goal is for your deck to look good, which is why it is imperative that the parts that need fixing be attended to quickly. We will reassess to make sure that everything is done, and once everything is set, we will proceed with the staining.

Our experts will apply the staining that suits your deck materials. This is to ensure that your deck will not get damaged by chemical-based solid materials. Our professionals will use it to every corner of your deck and make sure that it is applied equally. You might be wondering why the staining should come first before the paint. To answer that, it is because the paint will cover any undesirable effects staining has. Plus, it will guarantee the effect of staining will last longer because layers of paint protect it.

When the staining is completed, our professionals at Exterior Painting Tucson AZ will apply paint in every part of the deck, including the edges. The color of the paint will depend on the color of your choice. But because our experts would go the extra mile, we will recommend colors that will definitely match your house’s color and will surely enhance your deck and home aesthetics. Some people prefer one color, while others prefer two to three sets of colors. It is totally up to you. Our suggestions are up to you to follow. This is your home, and we will respect whatever path you choose.

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Your deck can add beauty and, at the same time, can accommodate your guests. You can also have fun with your family and friends in this area. Maintaining it will surely give your house the enhancement it deserves. Call our professionals at Deck Staining Tucson to have your deck stained, repaired, and painted to add beneficial factors to your property.